Northolt Model Railway Club was formed in 1950 and its 60 plus members meet every Friday evening in permanent accommodation situated within the Northolt Village Community Centre. There is a wide range of railway interests within the club and layouts have been constructed in 4mm (OO), and 7mm (O) gauges. An elevated 3½ " and 5 " gauge track within the grounds provides running facilities for the Live Steamers.

Weekly working and running evenings are interspersed with occasional talks, film and slide shows and the Live Steam section run for the public on the third Sunday in the month from April to October.

Members activities include: robinhood stock
Providing a stand at the London Model Engineering Exhibition at Alexander Palace in January.
Model and photographic competitions.
Outings arranged each year to model and engineering exhibitions, preserved railways and other places of interest.
Use of our excellent library.
Publishing an in-house magazine "The Thunderer" in the spring and autumn.
An Annual Exhibition held at the Community Centre on the first or second Saturday in September.

New members will be made very welcome, whether you are an experienced model maker, an absolute beginner or anywhere in between. Adult membership is restricted to those over 16, but juniors (between 14 and 16) are also welcome if accompanied by a parent.

Visitors and potential members are welcome any Friday evening - just turn up! robinhood app review


------Reminder Friday 03/10/08 is CLUB AGM night------------
02/10/08 Since I last wrote up some notes here we have had quite a busy time. A visit to North Wilts SME at Swindon. They made us very welcome as usual, in spite of the site being in turmoil, what with extending the club house, building a new coach shed and holding a members childrens party. A very enjoyable day in spite of Lews engine sheering a piston rod.
The club exhibition went well with some exellent layouts. Comments were observed that we ought to do more in advertising ourselves locally as people did not know the event was happening.
We participated in a second childrens party which was deemed a great success by all involved. A significant factor from our point of view was the extra screening off of the track provided by the organiser and good member support.
06/08/08 A significant number of issues arose from the latest health and safety report within the community centre hence the Wednesday working party have commenced a rather belated spring clean.
One skipload removed but more to go.
02/08/08. Our Live Steam trip for August took us to Surrey SME in Leatherhead.The site was very busy with a significant number of other visitors from Maxitrack club but the track was quite able to cope. It is well supplied with sidings and with 3 lines running through the station so there were no significant hold ups making for a very enjoyable day.
31/07/08. A lot of O gauge stock was getting a wash in the Community Centre kitchens a couple of Fridays ago.I mention it here only because it is so unusual to hear it had sunk in a solicitors basement. Perhaps The Thunderer will provide an update?
For the first time the Live steam section had a childrens party at our July public running day. The children certainly had a good time and kept the railway busy. Parental supervision was the issue that we were most concerned about and perhaps we need to consider stipulating specific requirements for future parties. Not that this event had any incidents just that the experience helped identify a possible safety issue. Platform for online options trading
The live steamers weekend away to Hereford SME and The Orchard Line in Solihull went swimmingly on 5/6 July.In spite of some tremendous downpours the weather did not dampen a great time.Both clubs were very welcoming and provided some good food. A return visit, especially to The Orchard Line, being handily at the other end of the M40, is sure to be on the cards in the future.



We meet every Friday evening from 7.30 to 10.30 pm at

Northolt Village Community Centre
Ealing Road,

Just off the A40 to the west of London.

For more directions try:

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